Paul Wade

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I love a challenge. As a former Socceroo with 118 caps over 10 years – most of those as captain – veteran of two World Cup campaigns and the 1988 Olympics, 345 NSL games including 2 championships, I know all about triumphs… and challenges.

But the biggest challenge of my life has been living with epilepsy.

So I’m proud to be an Ambassador for Epilepsy Action Australia. 

More than 200,000 Australians struggle with epilepsy; over 800,000 will experience it in their lifetimes… 

Trust me: I know how debilitating epilepsy can be. But we can fight back.

I invite you to join me and ‘kick a goal’ in the fight against epilepsy at the Celebrity Football Charity Challenge on Sept 6.

You could be on the park playing against - even alongside – some of the greats of Australian football. Get involved and play; get friends, family, colleagues and team-mates to sponsor you; support a player; make a donation online; or come along on the day and just cheer along.

We can make a difference: let’s kick epilepsy out of the park!


At a glance

  •  Socceroo Captain 1990 - 1996
  •  118 Australian Caps
  •  345 NSL Games
  •  The 1988 olympic games
  •  Two world cupcampaigns
  •  Two National Soccer League championships
  •  NSL player of the year in 1988
  •  Epilepsy Action Australia